Cocktail and risotto

Cocktail and risotto

A perfect night is what our Thoughtful Delight box will have you experience. Enjoy yours tonight! Ready for pickup!


Divina Pitted Castelvetrano Olives:

Divina Pitted Castelvetrano olives are the Nocellara de Belice varietal, named after the town in Sicily where they’re grown. A bright all-natural apple green, these delicious olives are mild with notes of artichoke.


Principato di Lucedio Risotto a la Tomate:

In fifteen minutes, your kitchen will be filled wih the bold, mouth-watering aromas or an authentic, deliciously creamy Italian risotto. Guaranteed success for all risotto lovers, whether novice or experienced!


Favuzzi Vinaigre de Champagne:

Vinegar with a light golden colour and bright fresh fruit aroma, with a hint of minerality. Its sweet taste, featuring just a touch of acidity, reveals notes of pear and pie spices.


Sangiovese - Kitchen Towel:

This wonderful grape is represented in Pompeii frescoes, therefore it certainly was already known and appreciated in the Roman Empire.


Selection I Neri - 12 Napolitains:

Immerse yourself in a tasting journey to discover our chocolate with this small box containing 12 Napolitains and let yourself be surprised by the flavours that different chocolates will give you.

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