"STAY-K at HOMME Order" Box

"STAY-K at HOMME Order" Box

Take your "homme" and your "steak" to a whole new level, all in one box ready for pick up. We have included a masculine kitchen towel because he's doing the dishes tonight.


The box includes:


Joe Beef Steak Sauce:

Joe Beef steak sauce has a light smoke taste and caramelizes during cooking, which brings out its fruity apple and plum aromas. Spicy and smoky, it also has a sweet, fruity side.


Favuzzi Hot Chili Spread:

This bright red purée includes zucchini and eggplant pieces and hot peppers with seeds that pop under the teeth.


Hot Whiskey Mustard:

Using only the finest ingredients, this mustard is both hot and sweet with fresh local and premium Forty Creek whiskey. Try it this delicious recipe for Braised Pork Shoulder with Apple Cider and Hot Whiskey Mustard Sauce!


Acero 95:

This dark chocolate delight is made with a bold, and sweet flavour. The absolute innovation of this product lies in the substitution of cane sugar with maple sugar, a high-quality ingredient with a sweet, sophisticated taste obtained from the sap extracted from Canadian maple plants.


Prendimé 150g - 3 layers of Gianduja:

Gianduja, a chocolate whose history stretches back to the dawn of the 19th century. Made with the purest cocoa, cane sugar, and large hazelnuts of the Tonda Gentile Trilobata variety, which are roasted in house and then finely chopped.


Due Fragole - Kitchen Towel:

A linen and cotton blend clear and linear in the composition.A firm consistency you can feel on the touch and that makes it a long lasting kitchen towel, both in the texture and in the colour.


Erbario Toscano Pepe Nero:

Intense and captivating scent, warm and sensual notes, the spicy and woody essence of black pepper has an energizing and refreshing effect.


Erbario Toscano Crema da Barba:

The Black Pepper moisturizing shaving cream is effortless and practical to use, softening the beard for an efficient shave.


Erbario Toscano Bagno Doccia:

The black pepper shower bath brings forth the power of the intensity of the perfume and the nourishing and protective active principles of its formula.

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