The artisanal leavened Panettone created with Roberto Rinaldini is made with the best raw materials and following the ancient pastry arts: more than 48 hours of natural leavening time. Few selected ingredients: wheat flour, fresh eggs and butter, honey and Amedei 65% dark chocolate.


Roberto Rinaldini is pastry chef, Ampi master (the prestigious academy of Italian pastry chefs), founder of Rinaldini Pastry and member of Relais Dessert (the French association the collects the global elite of pastry and chocolate experts).

In 2014 he was made pastry chef of the year during the XX AMPI symposium.


Jon's note:  Forget everything you know about panettone.  This is something I had never experienced before.  Rich, sumptuous, decadent, carnal, out of this world.  THIS is Panettone!

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