"Merida" Trunk with drawer

"Merida" Trunk with drawer



As a showpiece for your office or a gift for the chocolate connoiseur, the Amedei trunk is an annual classic.  This year, Amedei collected the agave fiber from one of their plantations in Venezuela, had it woven into an upholstery for their most exceptional vessel to date.  Only 2 were made availbale to the Canadian market.  We acquired both on your behalf.


This impressive keepsake display measures 44cm wide x 30cm deep x 12cm high.  It features a drawer and can be refilled all year round with your favourite Amedei products.


It includes:

1 Gold box of 16 assorted p4ralines

1 Prendimè Latte e nocciole/milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts

1 Tavoletta Porcelana/bar
1 Tavoletta «9»/bar

1 Tavoletta Blanco de Criollo/bar 

1 Tavoletta Chuao/bar
1 Tavoletta Acero 9 /bar
1 Tavoletta Ecuador /bar

1 Tavoletta Jamaica /bar
1 Tavoletta Venezuela /bar
1 Tavoletta Fondente e mandorle/Dark chocolate with almonds bar 

1 TavolettaToscano Blond /bar
1 Tavoletta Toscano Red /bar

1 Crema Cacao/hazelnuts spread (dairy free)
1 Crema Gianduja/hazelnuts spread (limited edition)

13 Armonie toscane di cioccolato fondente/dark chocolate pralines 

16 Armonie toscane di cioccolato al latte/milk chocolate pralines 

21 Armonie toscane di cioccolato bianco/white chocolate pralines