Hotline peppers gift set

Hotline peppers gift set

The Hotline peppers embroidery is created with the help of the iconic and now retired Corneli machine. Artisans spend years honing their craft on this Classic Italian example of bygone technology , a bit like a musician has to learn to master an instrument.


The oil in this gift set is pleasantly spicy. The flavours are deep with a distinctive freshly pressed olive oil "tingly" feeling and a well balanced heat that lingers just long enough.


This gift set includes

-Hotline peppers bread basket (Reg: 125.00)

-Hotline peppers kitchen towel (Reg: 69.00)

-Giocca di Sole hot pepper flavoured olive oil (Reg: 24.50)

-A pair of non dripping candles made in Québec (Reg: 6.00)


A total Value of $233.00 Gift wrapped with a bow just in time for Mother's Day.  Only 2 available this spring in order to keep this gift exclusive.



    C$233.00 Regular Price
    C$179.00Sale Price