Fruits and nuts bars

Fruits and nuts bars



The red, white and green of the Italian flag come together in a bold chocolate statement: white chocolate, fine green pistachios from Bronte and the red of our constant passion, combined to design a completely unexpected flavour. As the nuts mature in the chocolate, its taste keeps developing over time, triggering a crescendo of pleasure. Best experienced chilled during summer months.


Jon's Notes: Pistachios from Bronte are known as the most precious ingredient of Sicilian cuisine.  They are protected by a designation of origin, are grown at high altitude on the flanks of Mount Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano. Considered to be Italy's pistachio capital, the Sicilian town of Bronte dedicates 80% of its territory (equivalent to 3,000 hectares) to growing this nut. Pistacia vera trees only bear flowers every other years and produce between 5 and 15 kg of pistachios, which are harvested by hand.




The extraordinary relationship between fruit and a true chocolate of character. The touch of an artist: red fruits on a dark chocolate canvas. Dehydrated strawberries, cherries and raspberries, known for their refreshingand antioxidant properties, thanks to Vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus. Best experienced chilled during summer months.




A true classic. A chocolate bar for the most demanding sweet-tooth. The best “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” Hazelnuts, embedded in sublime milk chocolate. A symbiotic relationship where the aroma of in-house air-roasted hazelnuts combines with the chocolate’s full taste, fresh and clean on the palate.


Jon's notes: The Piedmont Hazelnut I.G.P. is universally recognized as the best in the world.  Since 1993, the Piedmont Hazelnut Protection Consortium aims to promote and protect this precious raw material, at the service of pastry chefs, ice cream makers and all consumers.  The Gentile Trilobata hazelnut is a variety particularly rich in lipids consisting of 40% monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, the same fatty acid present in extra virgin olive oil.  Its characteristics are in fact unparalleled




Gianduja is a chocolate whose history stretches back to the early 19th century. While committed to keeping the continuity with the Piedmontese forebears of Gianduja chocolate, we produce it “the Amedei way”, i.e. with the finest ingredients and only 100% artisanal processing techniques. The result is the combination of the purest cocoa, cane sugar and large hazelnuts of the Tonda Gentile Trilobata variety, roasted in-house and finely chopped.




A subtle taste seduction between chocolate and yellow fruits: love at first sight! Dehydrated peaches and apricots, known for their quenching and digestiveproperties, thanks to Vitamin A, calcium and magnesium. Best experienced chilled during summer months.


Jon's Note: There isnt' anything left to say that hasn't been said about Italian peaches other than I've never actually enjoyed another Ontario peach after having  had an Italian one!



Tuscany calls Sicily. In this chocolate bar the two lands meet, size up each other then fall in love without reserve. The power of an exclusive cocoa blend made in Pontedera, Tuscany, combines with the delicacy of almonds from Avola, Sicily. A gratifying, crunchy temptation.