Erbario Olive Oil Elixir collection

Erbario Olive Oil Elixir collection

Jon's notes: By far, the best value skincare line I've tried in a long time. The quality of the ingredients is put forward and replaces the need for an abundance of fragrances.


I started with the foot cream. As you probably know, I've been standing on my feet everyday at work for 20 years.  My feet demand extraordinary care.  The olive oil Elixir delivered just that!


The Body balm glides beautifully on the warm skin after a shower or a bath.


The hand cream is beautiful, the texture is silky and it absorbs quickly.  It has a "Moisture glove effect" which reveals an additional layer the next time you wash your hands.  A MUST!


I have tried the facial scrub, it is very gentle and has a great "slip" which will exfoliate your skin without irritation.  I would recommend it even for the most sensitive skins. Tougher, oilier or mens skins may want something a little more abrasive.


Having a younger skin I have not felt the need for the brightening and firming mask but have sold a number of them and been told it was beautiful and that my clients loved it.


The dry oil is SUMPTUOUS!  It absorbs almost instantly and provides the last resort solution for the Canadian winter.  Simply rub 1-2 pump loads in the palms of your hands and press them onto your cheeks and/or any area that still feels "tight" in the winter, even after moisturizing.  I love it on my feet, elbows, hands, cuticules, and even on my heavily processed hair.


Gift set (slightly bigger): Sampoo, Conditioner, body milk, Shower/bath gel.

Travel set (smaller) : Shampoo, Shower/bath gel, body milk, small soap.