Dolomiti Cardigan

Dolomiti Cardigan

Cirenaica is one of the most tactile fabrics woven by Busatti.  It is woven loosely and slowly to avoid stress on the yarn.  The hand is rustic but soft due to its cleverly designed yarn.  Equal parts of wool and acrylic gives it's volume while a small amount of alpaca, just enough to be recognizable at the first touch, gives it the nobility one has come to expect from a Busatti weave.


This fabric is extremely difficult to work with and cannot be mass produced.  Each piece must be sewn within minutes of cutting to avoid fraying.  Only one seamstress in our team is cappable of this "Tour de force".


This Maison Busatti non gender specific garment will be made to measure for each clinet.


Please allow us 72 hours to make one just for you.


Available in sizes

1 = XS/S

2 = M

3 = L/XL

4 = XXL