Bespoke 100% linen tablecloth

Bespoke 100% linen tablecloth

A 100% linen tablecloth, woven in Tuscany, at your request, sewn in Canada especially for you after numerous steps of preparation of the fabric to ensure longevity and precision of the cut.


This is what we consider to be the crown jewels of Maison Busatti.


We refer to our most high end tablecloth fabrics as "Category Ipsilon"  There are approximately 40 patterns available in up to 24 colours.  These magnificent, decadent, expensive linens are spun from flax harvested in Belgium where the climate is cool and damp to give the yarn this lush brightness characteristic to Busatti.


The fabric will go trough a first cut and be washed and tumble dried twice in a row.  This will pre-shrink it and start softening the strong linen fiber before re-cutting and sewing it to the exact dimensions of your table keeping in mind the amount of overhang you desire.


In the case of an oval, we will even lay the fabric on your table to "relax" the biais before measuring the overhang.


It's almost like haute-couture for your table...