A chocolate meditation...

A chocolate meditation...

The chocolate meditation by Amedei consists of 2 trays of 6 pralines to be consumed in one sitting in a specific order to enhance the tasting experience and build the flavour in an optimal order in oyour mouth.  Comes with an instruction booklet.


For special occasions, when you want to make
a good impression and be recognised as a true connoisseur, Amedei offers boxes of assorted pralines in different formats. This is how one of the most classic, well-received gifts you can give – pralines – thanks to their delicious contents and distinctive boxes, becomes a special present.


The House of Amedei approaches the creation of these small gems with the same idea that makes its chocolate so special. Attending to the cocoa beans, fruits, liquorice and rhubarb immediately, with the experience of one who knows that the freshest ingredients need to be processed quickly to fully retain their incredible quality. You can lose yourself in the variety of shapes, colours, aromas, and tastes of Amedei’s pralines.




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